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Project Kindertransport

Nicholas WintonIn 1938, a British gentleman by the name of Nicholas Winton received a call from a friend while he was on ski trip in Switzerland. His friend urged him to come to Prague to participate in a “most interesting assignment.” Mr. Winton obliged, and went to  Czechoslovakia to volunteer at a refugee camp.

At that time, Hitler and his troops were raging through Eastern Europe. Mr. Winton soon realized the danger the children were in. Mr. Winton set out to save the lives of 669 children, finding them safe passage out of Czechoslovakia and homes in the cities where they went to live. This endeavor was dubbed Project Kindertransport.

Fast forward fifty years.

Mr. Winton never told anyone about his efforts to save those children’s lives. No one would have known what he had done either, if his wife hadn’t discovered the documents in their attic—quite by accident. Realizing their importance, she submitted the documents to the BBC. The “thankful” reunion documented in the following video was the result. You can read the entire amazing story of Project Kinderstansport here.

The Infectious Power of “Good”

Since news of Sir Winton’s deeds came to light in 1988, his story has inspired people around the globe to make a positive difference in whatever way they can. The following CNN video is evidence of the infectious power of “good”…

No Ordinary Moments

The circumstances in our lives may not be as dramatic as those of Nicholas Winton and the children he helped. Still, that doesn’t mean we have any less to be thankful for. Quite the contrary. Mr. Winton’s story reminds me to be thankful for all the people, situations, and things in my life. Because in truth, there are no ordinary moments. I need to remember to be grateful for all the blessings in this wonderful life. Every. Single. Day.