Writer’s Corner

Old-fashioned typewriterIn the years (yes, years!) since I ventured out into the blogasphere, I’ve come across some amazing resources for writers; blogs I’ve come to rely on for tips on craft, publishing, and dealing with the writing life.

I’m grateful to those who take the time to give back to the community, sharing what they’ve learned (usually the hard way) with those of us who are newer to the trenches.

The following list (in no particular order) contains a few of my favorite writing resources. I hope they serve you as well as they have me. [photo by moi]

  • Writers Helping Writers: Home of the Bookshelf Muse, a broad spectrum of resources for all types of writers.
  • Mystery Writing is Murder: Author, Elizabeth S. Craig, provides a wealth of industry insights and practical tips that apply to all types of writing.
  • Writers on the Storm: A novel writing blog, offering insights and inspiration for novel writers of any genre.
  • Adventures in YA Publishing: A terrific blog with a focus on children’s publishing.
  • Author, Jody Hedlund: Insights on publishing and the writing life from an author who diligently worked her way to success.
  • Writers Digest: Duh. Write better. Get published.
  • Writer Unboxed: An essential blog stop for tips on craft and the business of publishing, both traditional and indie.
  • Jane Friedman: Awesome articles about writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age.
  • Kristen Lamb: Expert advice on navigating social media and building an author platform.
  • I Write for Apples: The “Query. Sign. Submit.” writer and agent interviews are helpful for those entering the query process.
  • Literary Rambles: The agent interviews on this site are invaluable for anyone entering the query process.
  • Hey, There’s A Dead Guy In My Living Room: A blog on mystery publishing, from idea to bookshelf.

The best writing advice I’ve ever heard is…

Keep on writing no matter what. Published authors are the writers who didn’t give up.

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