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Like in a really bad Country Western Song…

I hate to admit it, but I was. Stuck on the infinite spin cycle of life, that is. Then I realized that we’ve all been there. I mean, who hasn’t been stressed out, not knowing *how* we’re going to pull everything off without a hitch … and giving up is so NOT an option?

Yeah, I thought so. Because that’s pretty much life. In this decade anyway.

But instead of wallowing in self-pity, I decided to do something to pull myself into a positive frame of mind. Hence this post. And during the process of writing (which did the trick by the way!), I remembered a few sure-fire tricks for turning my perspective around.

1. We may not have control over *what* happens, but we do have control over *how* we react to the situation. We can be freaked out, or we can do the best we can, then let go and enjoy the ride.  (Photo Credit – Walt Disney’s Tower of Terror)

2. Not to go all Pollyana … but making a list of things you’re *glad* about totally helps. I know. It sounds trite, but by the fourth item I’ve stopped focusing on the things that aren’t right and start seeing the things I’m grateful for.

3. When life kicks it up a notch, from spin to heavy-duty agitate, try watching an intense action film … like DIE HARD. The characters in those movies are always having a much worse day. Unless you’re outsmarting trigger-happy terrorists, crawling through disgustingly dirty air ducts, and running over broken glass in your bare feet … I’m thinking your day is GREAT compared to John McClane’s (Bruce Willis in DIE HARD).

4. Break out of your routines and do something extraordinary, maybe even succumb to downright silly fun.

5. Remember that the first rule to being happy is not to sweat the small stuff. The second rule is to realize that it’s all small stuff!

A wise person once said that “if everyone tossed their troubles into a hat, you’d be the first to pick yours back out.”

So what’s it gonna be … Tea Cup ride or Tower of Terror?  (photo credit Sean Molin)

And if after doing steps 1-5 you still can’t see (much less enjoy) what’s really important in life …  maybe these not-so-happy haunts can provide some essential perspective…

Because when you get right down to it … it’s all about perspective.

What tricks Do you use to keep a positive outlook?

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