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Revealing One Character Trait at a Time

At the writers retreat last weekend, the exercises we did on Building a Better Character reminded me of the (really) old TV show What’s My Line?

What’s My Line? (1950-1967) came from the time-before-color. Yes boys and girls, there was a time when the world was in Black and White. And worse … there were no laptops, iPods, or cell phones. And dinasaurs roamed the earth. Pretty much.

Anyway, way back then there was this game show where contestants with unusual occupations were interviewed using questions that had to be answered with a “yes” or “no” and from that the panelists had to guess the contestant’s occupation. There was usually one “mystery guest” round–with a famous person–where the panelists had to wear masks and the mystery guest disguised their voice.

So … are you up for a jaunt in the Wayback machine … blasting into the past for a few entertaining episodes of What’s My Line? Hang onto your bobby socks … 1950’s here we come!

What’s My Line? Mystery Guest ~ Walt Disney

What’s My Line? Colonel Sanders

There was a time when people didn’t recognize Colonel Sanders by sight? AMAZING!

What’s My Line? Female Wrestler

Do you have a favorite *REALLY OLD* TV show?