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Taking a Short YAppy Break…

Ball games and shows have breaks, whether it’s half-time, intermission, or whatever.

The YAppiest Giveaways have been rolling out like clockwork at two a month since April. So far, that’s 13 YAppiest Giveaways! Which is awesome, but it seemed like a good time to give everyone a little bit of a breather.

Kind of like baseball’s 7th inning stretch…

Moose mascot dancing in front of the crowd at a baseball game

So get down with your YAppiest dance. We want you in true YAppy form for the final four (yes, 4!) YAppiest Giveaways! [image from morguefile.com]

Rootless, by Chris Howard
Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth
Ten, by Gretchen McNeil
Unremembered, by Jessica Brody

Stay Tuned…

The 14th YAppiest GiveawayRootless by Chris Howard — will be coming your way on November 15th!

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