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If you couldn’t make The YAppiest Day on Earth, never fear! The YAppiness keeps rolling with epic read giveaways by each of the 17 authors.

This is the 7th YAppiest Giveaway! For a chance to win this awesome book, see the  “Here’s How” section below. For a complete list of YAppiest Giveaways, go here.

“Let the Sky Fall” by Shannon Messenger

Let the Sky Fall coverVANE WESTON is tired of everyone telling him he’s lucky. Lucky not to have died in the category five tornado that killed his parents. Lucky to have survived without a scratch. But how is it lucky that he can’t remember anything about his parents or his life with them before the tornado ripped them away? All he remembers of that dark day is the captivating face of a dark-haired girl. The girl who’s whispered on the winds of his dreams ever since. How is it lucky to be in love with a girl who’s probably just a hallucination, when he hopes against hope that she’s real?

AUDRA is real, and she lives under the weight of a dark secret. She’s not human, but that’s why she’s driven toward atonement. She’s responsible for the death of Vane’s parents, and her father who was their guardian. Her guilt and sense of duty drove her to take over her father’s duty of protecting Vane’s life, as his guardian. She’s a sylph, an air elemental who walks on the winds, understands its songs, and manipulates its powers.

As a Gale Force guardian, Audra gave up everything to protect Vane. But then in an instant of panic, Audra unwittingly reveals Vane’s location to the enemy who murdered their families and has been hunting them ever since. The Stormers are on their way, and Audra can’t bear to fail again.

Audra makes hard choices, to prepare Vane for the impending battle. However, in the process of awakening his sylph powers, their love sparks to life. For Audra, giving in to her desire would brand her as a traitor and an outcast.

A Gusty Romance Charged with Adventure

Let the Sky Fall is a captivating romance set in the desert region of California’s Coachella Valley. The intense climate accentuates the volatile game our heroes have been thrust into, while mirroring the volatile nature of their emotions for one another. I grew up not far from Coachella Valley, and can attest to the authenticity of the world through which Shannon Messenger so deftly weaves the supernatural elements of this story.

Vane and Audra are as authentic and engaging as their world. Vane’s laugh-out-loud teenage snark is the perfect balance for Audra’s intense Type-A determination. The story is told from the alternating points of view of Vane and Audra, giving us an intimate look into their beliefs, motivations, and conflicts.

Vane is seventeen, snarky, and kind of lazy. His troubled dreams of a strange girl interfere with his connecting with any girl he tries to date. So he is blown away (pun intended) when Audra appears in his bedroom, obviously real–if a little creepy:

Now I just have to deal with the passed out, scantily clad girl on the floor of my room who’s most likely a supernatural creature.
No clue what to do about that one.

Audra is seventeen, and older than her years from the burden of responsibility. Against all odds she convinces Vane of his sylph heritage and destiny, but as his powers emerge, so do Vane’s memories. Memories Audra is afraid he’ll recover, because then he’ll know she was responsible. Responsible for alerting the Stormers who killed his parents and her father.

The climatic fight turns a surprising conclusion and an unexpected hope for Vane and Audra. I can’t say any more without risking a serious spoiler, that you’ll hate me for later.

What I can tell you is this…

After reading this story, you’ll never think of the wind as “just wind” again. You’ll catch yourself listening for its song, and trying to interpret its call. You’ll wonder if the Gale Force guardians are out there protecting you, or if the Stormers are on their way…

I’m already waiting for the next book in this series–Let the Storms Break (March 2014)–to find out what lies in store for Vane and Audra.

Want to win an Author Signed Copy and SWAG?

For one lucky winner… an author signed copy of Let the Sky Fall and exclusive SWAG!

Let the Sky Fall autograph and swag

Here’s how…

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