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17 YA Authors + Disneyland = Crazy Awesome Fun!

YAppiest Authors

3.30.13 Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

From left to right, back row first: Jennifer Bosworth, Chris Howard, Me, Lish McBride, Sean Beaudoin, Kevin Emerson, Elise Allen, Robin Mellom, Gretchn McNeil, Martha Brockenbrough, Rachel Cohn, Carrie Lawler Arcos, Gabrielle Zevin, Cecil Castellucci, Shannon Messenger, Cat Patrick, and Jessica Brody. (pic by moi)


The awesome Cat Patrick dreamed up this epic event: Seventeen young adult authors + bloggers, librarians, and book enthusiasts like me converged on Disneyland at 8:00 AM Saturday, March 30th.

Chris Howard, Indiana Jones Ride

The fun started as soon as we stepped through the gates of the Magic Kingdom… We rode rides, screamed, got drenched and/or stuck on rides (thanks to Tigger spilling honey on the Pooh ride), pretended we were pirates, ate chocolate, tacos, and more chocolate (though no chocolate tacos that I’m aware of). It was the best day ever! All shared with a group of amazing people who love books. (Chris Howard pic by Kasie West)

Anyone too far away to participate could (and maybe still can) order autographed books by these amazing authors through the  Mysterious Galaxy’s website.

Not to make you jealous if you didn’t know about this fab event (or couldn’t make it), but here’s a glimpse of what you missed…

Screaming, Reading, Silly Hats, and Prizes!

There was Tower of Terror screaming (pic by Jennifer Bosworth)…

Tower of Terror

Some were too busy reading to scream (pic by Kevin Emerson) … while others couldn’t help themselves (pic by moi) …

Reading and screaming on Splash Mountain

Silly hats happen to just about everyone at Disneyland, as Kevin Emerson discovered (Rapunzel pic by Cat Patrick)… Then there were the lucky dogs who won prizes (Sean Beaudoin pic by Cecil Castellucci)…

Rapunzel Hat and Hot Dog prize

And a Book Signing, Chainmail and All!

Anyone who couldn’t make it to the park could join the YAppy crowd at the 5:30 book signing at the Anabella Hotel, across the street from Disneyland. Mysterious Galaxy provided the authors’ books for sale. Autograph slinging ensued, followed by more food and drinks … and wouldn’t you know … chainmail! Compliments of a YAppiest fan who stopped by after attending WonderCon…

Chainmail Author Signing

Chainmail book signing

A sparring good time was had by all!  (pics by Cat Patrick)

More YAppiness & Giveaways Galore!

The YAppiest Day on Earth was soooo awesome, I’m going to keep the YAppiness rolling with reviews and giveaways of the books written by these crazy awesome authors — 17 in all. I’ll post two reviews per month (in alphabetical order by title), each with a FREE GIVEAWAY!

Yes, there is an ulterior motive. I’m hoping you won’t be able to resist joining the YAppiest bunch next year for even more outrageous shenanigans!


  1. Because It Is My Blood — Gabrielle Zevin
  2. Beta — Rachel Cohen
  3. Ditched: A Love Story — Robin Mellom
  4. Divine Intervention — Martha Brockenbrough
  5. First Day on Earth — Cecil Castellucci
  6. The Infects — Sean Beaudoin
  7. Let the Sky Fall –Shannon Messenger
  8. The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans — Kevin Emerson
  9. Necromancing the Stone — Lish McBride
  10. Out of Reach — Carrie Arcos
  11. Pivot Point — Kasie West
  12. Populazi — Elise Allen
  13. Revived — Cat Patrick
  14. Rootless — Chris Howard
  15. Struck — Jennifer Bosworth
  16. Ten — Gretchen McNeil
  17. Unremembered — Jessica Brody

Stay Tuned for a chance to win one (or more) of these epic reads!

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