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The mystery of an age-old disease … solved!

The disease starts innocuously enough. That’s the rub. You’re hunched over your keyboard hour after hour, day after day determined to make that deadline.

The walls of your writer’s cave close in on you. The deadline approaches faster than is relatively possible (what did Einstein know about time anyway?). The pressure builds until things get so intense that you don’t know whether to light your hair on fire or run up the walls, full-on Matrix style. Because if you don’t, your head will explode.

Yeah, been there. Write long enough, and we all go there eventually. It seemed like a hazard of our trade. Then  I discovered that this sickness has plagued mankind from the time the first ships dared to sail out to sea. But back then, they called it Cabin Fever. And it was the Muppets who found THE cure!

No hoax, folks! I wouldn’t mess with you. Honest! [Image credits: Muppet Treasure Island]

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Click the START arrow on the following video and crank up the sound FULL VOLUME.
  2. Wear any extraneous fruit (uneaten, of course) lying around your writer’s cave as head ornamentation.
  3. Jump around, shaking your pirate booty in rhythm to the music (or however you damn well please). Let loose! No one’s watching (we hope).
  4. Use any and all solid objects as implements of percussion.