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High-tech sheep herding

Maybe it’s the proliferation of world-wide disasters of late, both natural and man-made, but I’ve been thinking of the Welsh sheep herders and their LED sheep … a lot. Rather timely (but a total coincidence!), with the Blade Runner sequel hitting the theaters this week. The original Blade Runner was based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

LED sheep herding

What I love about this project is its joyful innocence and whimsy.

A lot of time and effort went into creating an image of the Mona Lisa (credited to Leonardo Baa Vinci!) with sheep wearing LED vests. For the sheer joy of it! If you haven’t seen the video (created in 2009), do it now! If you’ve seen it but need a little light in your life, watch it again. Pronto.

This video makes me wonder: What can we do today to bring a little joy and whimsy into the world around us? (LED sheep are not required, but always welcome). Pay-it-forward, except with fun.

Instigate fun today. It’s contagious!


Joyful whimsy and LED sheep herding