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Musical butterflies

Quantum physics has proved that everything is made up of energy. Everything vibrates, just at different frequencies.

Sound is energy. And the wavelength of a sound determines its pitch, whether the human ear can hear it, and whether it’s pleasant or not. Some say music is the universal language.

Music is precise, like mathematics, and follows strict rules. Yet we’re able to appreciate music, whether we comprehend the rules or not. We “feel” music. The vibrations of one piece of music can affect us in a way no other piece of music will. Music speaks to us intuitively as well as physically. Image by Center for Visual Music.

A Mystical Force

The intrinsic power of music was understood by the American Indians, as well as the AustraliaMoviePoster_Australian aborigines.

In the movie Australia, the aboriginal Shaman used music to guide and direct people and things. The Shaman and his grandson Nullah (a shaman in the making) “sing” things to them, or use the power of music to push things away.

In one scene Nullah changes the course of a stampeding herd of cattle with song. In another scene, he brings his beloved adoptive family back together.

In the 21st century, that might seem a bit far-fetched to some. Especially since the story is a product of Hollywood. But the story rings true, because it’s based on truth. Music is sound waves, sound that connects all life.

In the following scene, Nullah “sings” Sarah (Nicole Kidman) back to him and Drover (Hugh Jackman).


Emotion Without Borders

If you need first-hand proof of the universal power of music, follow a popular musician or band as they play in different cities around the world. You might be surprised to witness concert halls filled with smiling and/or dancing people at every performance. It doesn’t matter what country, or the native language.

I first noticed this phenomena a few years ago while watching DVDs of Andre Rieu concerts that were filmed in various countries around the world. The music elicited the same emotional response from the crowds, no matter where they were in the world. The amazing thing is, the phenomena is not limited to a particular type or style of music.

Most of us have felt the mystical power of music at one time or another.

Do you have an experience you’d like to share?