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Lightsaber Cello Duels at New Heights

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Lightsaber Cello guy, and I was Steven Sharp Nelsonwondering what galaxies his music was soaring through…

Then as if by magic, I came across this video of our hero on top of the Great Wall of China in a Kung Fu Piano face-off. Seriously. The Great Wall of China … with a grand piano no less!

If you haven’t heard about the Rock Star Cellist, check out the Lightsaber Duel and Carol of the Bells for 12 Cellos. But be prepared to be amazed.

How’d they get a grand piano on top of the Great Wall?

It was no small effort to get a grand piano on top of the Great Wall of China. Basically it took a crane—to hoist the piano up onto the wall—and then a small army of people to carry the piano to the location shot in the video. Amazing.  You can watch a short video documenting the monumental event at the end of the Kung Fu Piano face-off.