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The Fun Theory

Yes, I’m happy to say there is such a thing. The Fun Theory follows the simple premise that…

Making something fun is the easiest way to change people’s behavior for the better.

In Odenplan, Stockholm, The Fun Theory was applied to stairs in order to entice people to exercise, rather than riding the escalator.

Piano StairsThe exercise we get by taking the stairs (instead of the escalator) makes us feel better. But how many people follow that common-sense rule? The short answer: Not many.

Here, The Fun Theory challenge was to get more people to take the stairs by making it “fun”.

  • The tactic: Turn a regular staircase into a Piano Staircase. Just like in the movie Big, except the piano keys are real stairs.
  • The results: 66% more people took the Piano Stairs (rather than the escalator).

The Fun Theory works!

The following video demonstrates The Fun Theory in action. See how a little ingenuity creates “fun” that improves lives.

What chore would you want to make FUN?

Who knows? You could become the next Fun Theory winner!

Check out The Fun Theory web site for other amazing examples of the Science of Fun at work!