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Move over James Bond…

The thrill of a good spy story can be addicting. Which pretty much explains the huge box office draw for the James Bond and Bourne Identity films. Yeah, I’m right there with you. I admit it. I’m hooked. But even so, it kind of bothered me that the heroes were always guys. The women were beautiful … but not much else. That was how it rolled in high stakes espionage.

That is … until the Gallagher Girls.

…Make room for the Gallagher Girls!

The spy game totally changed when the Gallagher Girls hit the scene. Exceptional young women who attend a top-secret all-girl school … for spies.

But don’t let their ages and keen fashion sense fool you. Sure they can completely change their appearance with nothing but a pair of nail clippers and a little shoe polish. These girls can kick butt and take names in fourteen different languages, while making change for a dollar in eight currencies and factoring in the exchange rates. In short, they’re tough and have the smarts to match.

Take Cammie “The Chameleon”…  At the age of seven, she helped her father design a Trojan horse to infiltrate a former Soviet nuclear missile silo that had been take over by terrorists. Now at fifteen, she’s twice the match for 007. And her Gallagher Academy classmates are equally talented, because they have to be. They’re not in a game … they’re up against pros who mean business. These girls put the estrogen in espionage, with a vengeance.

But as spooky smart as they are (you try acing molecular regeneration, conversational Swahili, and Advanced Encryption & You in the same semester!) they are still teenagers grappling with love, loss, and betrayal. Except they deal with all that on top of heart-stopping life and death stakes that reach national proportions. If you haven’t read this series yet, get started NOW! The Gallagher Girls are AWESOME!

Ally Carter (a total Gallagher Girl!) is the mastermind of this exciting and fun series. The fifth book, Out of Sight, Out of Time released last week. In honor of the release, I’m hosting a SPY-TACULAR Giveaway on Wednesday, so stop by! The lucky winner will receive a signed copy of Out of Sight, Out of Time, by Ally Carter.

  • If you’ve read the Gallagher Girls series, who’s your favorite character?
  • For those who haven’t, who’s your favorite spy?

I LOVE hearing from you!