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Grumpy … for the Good of All Cat-Kind

Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce, herself) isn’t as grumpy as she’d like you to think she is. In fact, she’s a little sweety. Her Grumpiness recently reunited with her celebrity cat friends to make a music video for the good of all cat-kind. Friskies has promised that for each video view (click video window below) before September 1, 2014, they will donate a meal of dry cat food to cats in need—up to ONE MILLION meals!

Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce herself

“Cat Summe” stars  Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce), Nala Cat, Oskar (the Blind Cat) Klaus, and Hamilton (the Hipster Cat). All donations are made in memory of their late friend Colonel Meow.

Grumpy Cat supervising BBQ

Each Video View Feeds a Hungry Cat

The plight of homeless cats is close to my heart. I work in Silicon Valley, where many of the high-tech office parks have become dumping grounds for unwanted cats. I took on feeding a small colony of “feral cats” near where I work, along with the responsibility of trapping and getting them fixed (TNR, trap-neuter-return). I had to help these cats once I realized they were homeless because of the negligence of people.

Now you can help homeless cats by watching a video and sharing it with your friends and family. You’ll be surprised by how good that (not so) little action will make you feel. Spread the “Cat Summer” loving …

Watch and share the following video

For every video view through September 1, 2014,
Friskies is donating one meal of dry cat food to cats in need.
Up to ONE MILLION meals!
You can make a difference!

“Cat Summer” Grilling and Chilling ~ Fun in the Sun